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I have had nothing but bad problems with these people! The reps they have come see you and treat you like ***!

They talk to you like you are garbage! They deny you things you need. Like needing my wheel chair repaired. A molena therapist came and saw me and SHE decided against my Physician PHD specialists that i dont need one.

I have been in a wheel chair for 8 years! Now i have none! I crawl or stay in bed! She is very sarcastic with a bad attitude.

Her name is Liz. I have had it with that place. It is now Sat. , Mon i will get rid of this worthless company.

And will do all in my power to show her incompetence and Molena's lack of responsibility. Not including the damage Liz is directly responsible.

My name is Robert Elliott in san diego. I dont hide from what i say!!!

Reason of review: Poor customer service.

Preferred solution: Let the company propose a solution.

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Don't bother replying to me. I am on medi cal so I am nothing but *** to you people.

Stick the wheel chair up your f. ***!!!

San Diego, California, United States #1081758

Well , 3 of my doctors. All PHDs.

All sent Molena paperwork explaining to them that I need a wheelchair ( I have been in one for 12 years but it died ) Again they denied it! MOLENA SUCKS! I'm getting away from them the beginning of the year.And Molena , my name is Robert Elliott in San Diego. I live on 7th Ave.

I don't hide from what I say. Your company and your employees ( the two *** I met ) suck!!!

Molina Healthcare Verified Representative

We are so sorry to hear you are not satisfied with your experience with Molina Healthcare. Molina Healthcare strives to provide the best care and service possible. So that we may more fully address your issue while protecting your privacy, please email your name, state and phone number to and we will do our best to assist you.

to MolinaHealthcare Davis, California, United States #1065264

you People dont care about your patients. Especially because most of them are mcal patients.

you have to be compassionate to work in a medical field. I have not seen one compassionate person in the office in Sacramento. Your all rude. Put yourself in the shoes of these patients it could be your mother, father, cousin, friend, or brother, etc.

would you want the to be treated the way you do your patients? Im not even a patient there but I work in the Medical field and your service is the worst service ever. My boyfriend is a patient there and he is consistently having to rescheduled his appointments because the doctor all of a sudden isn't going to be in clinic. You know how hard it was to get the appointment to begin with?

you have to wait two weeks for an urgent appointment. you tell him your going to call him back and you don't. you have these so call social workers who supposedly work for the patient Wrong they don't do *** either. You people have no heart for people who are in pain or terminally ill.

This clinic should be closed down i have never heard anything good about Molina Healthcare.

And this isn't the first time I have wrote a complaint and won't be the last.

to Vanessa Garcia #1065296

I'm glad somebody has the nerve to tell what Molena is. I have been in a wheelchair for 8 years.

It needed repairs so called Molena. They sent an *** smartass girl to evaluate me and it was her opinion I don't need one. Now I am bed ridden and with bleeding ulcers on my legs because I have min. circulation in my legs.

I'm permanently bed ridden because of her ***. My vascular surgeon PHD specialist who got me the wheelchair called and complained. So you know what Molena did? Sent the same girl to evaluate me.

I would not even let her in . I wouldn't even open the door for her. She had asked me 4 *** questions in her evaluation and made a major medical decision that now has me crippled. I appealed and never heard a word from them.

I am legally disabled and it means nothing to Molena!

I'm so mad I give up. I just wait to die because its all I can do from this bed!!!

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