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I had back surgery 2yrs ago, never had trouble getting an MRI APPROVED. Now that my PCP only takes Molina insurance, I had to switch.

WORST MISTAKE OF MY LIFE!! I have been waiting 6mos for an MRI!! My doctor sent me to a surgeon, who also put in MRI requests. They will not authorize for me to have an MRI.

I cannot wait to switch back to Amerigroup. This is the worst company I have ever seen. If you are thinking about go to Molina, run the other way, FAST.

They will agree to cover 180 pain pills a month(not what I want to be on AT ALL) but refuse to see whats causing my pain, or take the first step to alleviate my pain.

I am forced to lay in bed all day eating Vicodin like tic tacs, causing me to gain 30lbs so far, with no solution in sight. I hate Molina.

Reason of review: Poor customer service.

Preferred solution: Let the company propose a solution.

I didn't like: No one knows whats going on, Will not approve mri.

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Bloomington, Illinois, United States #1193818

I completly agree 3 years before i got this f&&&&&&&&& up company i had two mri done showing spinal and cervical stenous physical therapy is not going to help. Last mri was worse then the first one.Your right tgey will pay for a bunch of pills but something to make the pain go away, makes you wonder if this company is meant for addicts.

Bloomington, Illinois, United States #1183862

I completely agree before we had to switch to this crappy dont care about people insurance i had 2 mris in,2 years because of spinal and cervical stenois and these idiots are saying phyisical therapy first wish wont help already been told that they have been sent the 2 mris i already had got dr notes to prove it but they want to pay for pills drug pushers is what i call them let them have our problems and see how they feel maybe then they will understand i am 53 years old


I am 57 years old. Never had a colonoscopy.

The Dr. ordered it. Molena denied it! The rep here is an a..hole.

Do you know they are only giving people a wheel chair to be used inside the house , not outside! Pretty fuc... *** seeing as a chairs direct reason for being built is to give disabled people more quality of life. She, they took ANY part of quality of life and independence from me!!

A five minute assessment and she destroyed my life. Her opinion was held over my Doctors. Medical specialists with PHDs.

They are all mad. It's okay , Molena has a surprise coming.I could lose my legs because of them.

San Diego, California, United States #1064825

No thanks! I have lost every appeal I filed against Molena.

It's a waste of time. Nobody got back to me.If my legs get amputed , it is a direct result of your rep LIZ. My doctors have records of the requests to REPAIR my wheelchair I am confined to for life. This "LIZ" comes here and asks me maybe 5 questions , asked me to lift my leg and writes a report that I don't need my wheelchair fixed or replace.

Even tho PHD' SPECIALISTS got it for me for life. Now I am confined to a bed with bleeding ulcers. A DIRECT result of LIZ incompetence. My doctors are very mad.I am very mad.

My quality of life is nil! I have no life. I have to stay in bed most of the time. Call Dr.

Michael Sise. Ask him!

Molina Healthcare Verified Representative

We are sorry to hear you are not satisfied with your experience with Molina Healthcare. Molina Healthcare strives to provide the best care and service possible. So that we may more fully address your issue while protecting your privacy, please email your name, state and phone number to MemberServices@MolinaHealthcare.com and we will do our best to assist you.

to MolinaHealthcare Texas, United States #1349448

Molina healthcare sucks. They are refusing to pay for my son's MRI after an auto accident in which his car was totaled.

Has horrible back problems now. Have to self pay for MRI.

What a nightmare, do NOT get Molina insurance. A complete waste of money!!!!!!

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