Moved to Dallas, TX and my previous insurance didn't had coverage and was forced to change insurance. Got into $549/month plan with Molina and still having issue finding a doctor.

This company should be banned from areas where they don't have PCP.

I will be writing a letter to the Insurance fraud and regularity commission about this BS.

Just wish others can do the same, it takes 5 to write a comment here why not take that time and spend it in complaining to the right place.

Waiting for the year to end and will choose some other decent insurance with probably less premium.

Product or Service Mentioned: Molina Healthcare Marketplace Health Insurance.

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You are not going to find another insurance with less premium. Molina Healthcare is the bottom of the barrel in all regions and that should had warned people on how bad they are. They get away with all the *** because they know the people who select them are poor and will never be able to afford a lawyer to sue them.


I would have to agree, limited doctors and very few of those listed take their insurance. Borderline fraud

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