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A letter sent to Molina today:

anuary 9, 2015

Molina Healthcare of Michigan, Inc.

Customer Support Center

880 West Long Lake Road, Suite 600

Troy, MI 48098

To whom it may concern:

I purchased the Molina Gold Marketplace plan through healthcare.gov in October ’14. My member ID is [redacted]. I have the following complaints to report regarding services rendered by Molina Healthcare of Michigan, Inc.:

1. The benefits listed in my plan documentation state that I have a 20% coinsurance charge for [treatment] for providers within Molina’s network - this is misleading, as I have found no providers have contracted with Molina or are in-network for [this treatment], and every hospital and facility I have called have either stated they do not accept my insurance or have tried to contact Molina and been given the runaround.

2.The Primary Care Physician listed on my ID card, [redacted], does not actually accept Molina in any form, and I learned this after having seen him for an appointment.

3. Since Jan 2nd '15 I have called the Molina of Michigan Member Services line at (888) 560-4087 seven times to determine eligibility for coverage. The customer care representative I spoke with via the Molina of Michigan member services line, Penny, (phone extension 155447) has given me inaccurate information multiple times. Penny has told me the following:

3.1. That I was eligible for coverage for services at [redacted] when I am actually not - I spoke with 3 representatives at [redacted] who told me I am ineligible.

3.2.That a list of providers within my network would be emailed to me, as the Molina website is inaccurate in terms of which providers are within Molina's network. This information has not been sent to me, although it has been requested 3 times and I was told it would be emailed to me.

4. I never received a permanent ID card in the mail, and have been using a temporary paper ID since November 1st, although I have requested the card several times and was told it would be sent to me.

This company has dealt nothing but lies to me and I am requesting a refund for services rendered. I am requesting compensation in the amount of $2,000 for the bills I have paid to Molina thus far, for medical bills for services not covered by my plan (although I was told they were), and for my time and hardship spent dealing with this company (approximately 3 hours of phone time dealing with the customer service department).

If this letter remains unanswered after 30 days I will be doing the following:

-Reporting Molina to the State of Michigan for insurance fraud.

-Speaking to my attorney regarding litigation against Molina.

-Reporting Molina to the Better Business Bureau.



Reason of review: Not as described.

Monetary Loss: $2000.

Preferred solution: Full refund.

I didn't like: Customer service, Price, Website.

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I think a very accurate description of methods used by Molina is described above by Michelle. I would like to add a few things on how they play the game of ripping everyone, not only as a member but also as a provider.

1. They seek primary care physicians who are willing to take Molina as most don't want to coz they don't pay.

2. They give a run around to authorize any tests, or specialist appointments and even if approved there will be none in 20-30 mile radius BECAUSE THEY DON'T WANT TO ADD ANY PROVIDERS TO THEIR NETWORK.

Instead they prefer if the patient would not go any other specialist saving them money.

3. Providers have to turn away so many patients on daily basis as they don't know where to go. When Providers contact Molina to become a part of their network as they have to turn away so many, they simply refuse by saying that there are too many providers in the area and that they are not accepting any new ones.


1. They have a huge elderly population signed up for their medicare advantage programs. All these people loose a huge medicare benefits to measly HMO benefits as Molina becomes primary. 2.

They loose on length of Hospital stay, rehab/Skilled nursing stay, lack of home health benefits and other important benefits which they would have been ENTITLED to had medicare continued to be primary. 3. Also majority of these elderly people didn't opt to signup with them or are unaware of these loss of benefits, as they lure them by their tricky advertisements, sweet talking customer representatives or thru ICOs. 4.

Many of these people dont even realize till very late that they were signed up and now they can't change till next Year. It is very sad to know that company is making Billions of profits at expense of so many poor and elderly people (Coz they have medicaid and Medicare plans mostly). Ultimately they may close the company when government will look into it. BUT NOT BEFORE THEIR OFFICERS WOULD HAVE MADE MIILLIONS OF DOLLARS and they will conveniently disappear similar to how banks got bailed after committing fraud during recession.



What happened with you case?

West Chester Township, Ohio, United States #1301562

I never thought a scammer organization could be as open as a scammer as they are, but still, nobody in the legal system/government seems to care and let them continue their scam - it makes me puke how far our system has went down the drain. Not only the health system, but also the ones that were elected and put in place to protect the people from criminal scumbags like these.

Switched to Molina OH after starting my own business, first claim (hospital admission after ER visit) and they DENY because I could have just sat at home to see if it would kill me. Pathetic morons that should be put out of business.

My next steps will be seeing an attorney, complain with the BBB and then see what options there are to go after them through the attorney general.

to ThomasOhio #1389901

The obamacare people are on the payroll of companies like this!!1 How do you like corruption?


Molina is fraudulent and Utah as well I have paid for the marketplace for over a year and I have yet for them to pay for even one of my simple prescriptions like antibiotics they are always marking me inactive but always request more and more money I have been up to date every month and I am still marked in active do not go with Molina!!!

Miami, Florida, United States #1291648

I agree with your assessment about this so-called healthcare provider being a FRAUD!!!!

Even though I verified that my 3 medications were covered before I signed up, they've now denied coverage for 2 of them.

They should be investigated!!!!

to Anonymous Los Angeles, California, United States #1332729

It ain't any better in California either... we are still fighting a $14,000 hospital charge that they are denying coverage for....

my wife still hasn't gotten any better she's back in the hospital again and thanks to the customer service Molina has, last night they had her go to 3 different locations 2 urgent cares and I hospital which neither took that insurance so I took her somewhere else and hope we get some kind of help... funny thing is that the urologist that saw her said " wow I don't want to sound rude but I'm just going to be honest with you guys if I would've noticed the insurance you guys had I wouldn't of shown up because I don't take that insurance.

A cheap car insurance probably has more value than this insurance. They flat out don't care infact I bet if you call them asking for help I bet they are think about where to go for lunch."...I was like well that's money well spent..

Bellevue, Washington, United States #1266286

Really sorry to hear bout your prob. Ive noticed reading most of these comments that most have paid for molina.

I have it free cause of Medicaid and social security. I dont pay for my docs or much of anything the past few yrs. Now i have more and serious medical probs. I need many specialist and i also need a dentist.

I cant find half the docs i need in their huge book of docs. I pretty much have 2 dentist to pick from. They are miles away and have the worst ratings and law suits against them. Then my pcp is retiring soon and there are limited docs to pic from and they all suck!

The specialist are few and far between and they all suck too. Waiting to get Molina started several yrs ago i waited 2 yrs to get my surgery. I have 3 black belts, stay in shape and have worked in private security and assisted several law enforcement agencies. I was told while waiting for my surgery to not lift more than a gallon of milk and pretty much do nothing.

Those 2yrs made me pretty much start sitting in front of a tv. Which made me lose most muscle and become weak. I went from a solid, strong, very active man to a 200lb weak person. Then my surgery was done wrong.

Now i need it redone plus now other procedures. The doc they had do the surgery screwed up. Molina when they do get off their ××× they give you the worse doctors, treat you like ×××× take forever to let a procedure get approval. My specialist is 1 of the top in his field and bless him he keep his office on top of things to get approvals for my neck issues.

Now that i have more problems, i cant find a good doc with Molina for a pcp, specialist and others. Molina will make you sit around til you die. If you have money use a great lawyer and sue them or use a lawyer that only gets paid if the win (they will bust their a×× more than other lawyers). All i can say is i pray for everyone with Molina and i pray your health gets fixed and better.

Most important i hope every1 sues them and gets their money back, pain and damage, credit damages and so much more! God bless every1 and good luck! Get away from molina.

Also i know many dont like Trump but when he destroys Obama care n make honest insurance companies fight for customers, then we may have a chance. Good luck and God bless

Bellevue, Washington, United States #1266261

Michelle i wish you luck. I can say you are not able to sue for your loss of time or inconvenience.

If your going that route then sue for damage to damage to your credit. Your credit report is the most valuable thing these days.

It's checked for credit cards, renting an apartment or getting property, even getting a job and much more. Wish you luck


Wow, I could write this letter today! I just googled, Can I sue my Provider, and found your letter!

Molina is my fraudulent Provider too!

They have ruined my credit as well by not paying their portions. Crazy.

Port Saint Lucie, Florida, United States #1239238

Molina never pays Claims, I total FRAUD.

Houston, Texas, United States #1239172

This insurance health care is a scam. Tell President Trump to investigate this fraud in order to indict the people running this game. Pray to Jesus to expose these evil schemes.

Davison, Michigan, United States #1193679

bull s#itt. they are bogus.

Green Bay, Wisconsin, United States #1189658

Don't wait to get the OCI involved. Just go online, send your documentation and the OCI will smack them down.

You won't need a lawyer. Your documentation will be all that is needed.

Here in Wisconsin, Molina is really, really bad. Next time I will choose a different company from the Marketplace.


It's not just Michigan. I'm in Illinois, suffering from Kyphoscoliosis and a heart problem.

I have yet to find an actual Dr. on the Provider Search who actually is taking Molina or even still living in the area....for several years. I've even filed a grievance over one Dr. and never got any resolution.

My family has all the documentation of this whole ordeal with Molina so that, in the event of my death, they can hopefully get some $$ out of them one day.


As a Biller for a Molina provider in CA, Molina is the messiest insurance company I've ever seen!!! They do anything to not pay claims.

Appeals seems to just go into a black hole. Upper management sucks, never follow through to resolve issues.

It's just a BIG MESS!! I'm frustrate as heck with this insurance..!!

Providers, STAY AWAY!!


I’m dealing with the same thing with Molina Healthcare in Ohio. Molina Marketplace health care is the worst insurance company that I’ve ever seen.

I had Molina Silver Coverage then after I filed my yearly taxes then Molina said that I wasn’t entitled to the tax credit for my family. Then as of April 30-2016 Molina cancelled my Silver coverage. But then on May 01-2016 they added me on the Molina Gold coverage, without my permission, said that I will haft to start paying a monthly fee of $800.00 which I can’t afford, and I told them so. Then when I call into Molina about a bill that I’ve received, they say we send you a statement saying this not a bill keep this cope for your record.

Said service was paid to the provider of service. But if service was paid why am I still getting a bill from the provider. Again they lie about coverage as I cannot get this resolution. Then I haft to call back again.

I get so frustrated when they leave me on hold, and the misinformed customer service people they are trained to lie to you about your coverage. They always say I'm so sorry for your issues. But don't do anything about it.

I’ve spoken to 4 people, and still nothing done. But all they want is your money, and pay nothing to the hospital or doctors visits.


molina sucks


We are going through the same thing. I called them and got really mad and said Molina is taking my money without even providing actual Dr's.

Their website is not even updated with correct information. The representative did find me a Ob/Gyn Dr and Pediatric Dr and when I called, seemed like the do accept it, I hope I don't get a call from them saying "sorry, we actually do not." This is so frustrating!!!!


Molina Marketplace health care is the worst insurance company and nobody seems to know math in there billing department. I have paid them in advance but they keep restricting my account so it makes it very difficult to use the service since doctors will not excepted restricted accounts.

Every time I call Molina they claim they will remove the restriction within 48 business hours and the account will be cleared but it simply never happens.

I believe a class action law suit needs to be taken against Molina Marketplace for illegally restricting accounts when balances are paid in advance.

I can imagine all the money there banking by taking peoples money but not allowing service.

There billing department is under staffed with poor training. Average time I spend with them on the phone is 30 minutes to an hour and a half.

Again keep in mind you have to keep calling them to correct a problem that never seems to get fixed.

There doctors network list is also very outdated. You might have to call five doctors on the list in order to find one actual doctor that might be 30 minutes to an hour away.

If you take Molina be aware that if you don't know Spanish some of the staff might have poor English. I give this insurance company an F and that's not for fantastic.

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