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I had reconstructive breast surgery 6yrs ago. I have rupture on one side and silicone gel can be seen in lumps with eye.

I called maker of implant and found they had been recalled. I was never notified. The silicone contains chemicals that eat through tissue and cause many diseases. My Dr has tried for months to get referral for surgical removal with denials each time.

I'm slowly dying from this and Molina refuses even a visit to surgeon. They have been informed by me and Drs that this isn't cosmetic ( I don't want replacement) just removal before gel hits my lymph nodes.

I'm 61, disabled and dying. Can I sue Molina?

Reason of review: Poor customer service.

Preferred solution: Let the company propose a solution.

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I'm writing this because I blamed Molina healthcare services for denying me a visit to surgeon regarding an implant rupture. I was so wrong!!

Molina did not receive ANY request from my Dr asking for referral. I was quick to blame Molina because I believed my Dr.

I spoke today with a wonderful young man from Molina and although I don't believe I will recover from my Drs negligence, at least I now feel like Molina cares. I'm sorry for the misunderstanding on my part .


Don't be so quick to blame your doctor(unless the doctor admitted to it). Step 1 in the Molina training manual is to claim no referral was received, to tell you one thing and the doctor's office another, or to otherwise do whatever is necessary to ensure that what is needed to get you the treatment you need never happens.

Straight denial happens at least once in bout every three requests - more would be too suspicious. Also, many (not all) of their reps are VERY congenial...another of their strategies to keep us from going nuclear.

Molina doesn't give a *** about anything but the premiums we pay...and often continues to collect them after we drop them like a bad habit.

I hope this clears up the issue for you. If not, you're likely a Molina rep.


This is a Molina Healthcare representative. Molina Healthcare wants to provide the best service possible. Please email your phone number and state to MemberServices@***.com and we will do our best to resolve your issue.


O My God you would be my hero if you could please help me. I live in Washington state and my phone # is 360-426-****.

My name is Mary Ballou and I need help.

Thank you in advance!!


Please call me I have the same problem ...dementia &depresson for a 7 month wait and still no hearing aids...negligent referral!!!!!...626-253-****-.....Ca?.....I have several hearing loss


This John to Molina healthcare

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