Made the wrong choice in choosing this company. They refuse to pay for almost anything.

They need an authorization on everything the doctor prescribes, even after the doctor signed the prescription..They refuse to pay... It is simply a denial... Then they sit on appeals, and force meds on you like dilaudid and morphine, because who needs to function in society anyways, it would be cheaper if they could do away with you...then you call to speak with someone, and you get the office in Nebraska....Nebraska? I need someone in New Mexico...

Then you get transferred to Ohio, but Oh, they apologize, that was a mistake, then after 20-30 minutes you finally get to someone in New Mexico, because all the other offices could not access your records...Only so they can put you on hold, and someone very rudely tells you that you have been denied...

re submit and you can call us in 30-90 days ... Hopefully someone will have reviewed them...

Any other company serving NM is doing a better job...do not get stuck with this company...

Location: New Mexico, United States

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Will Molina pay for Hydrocortisone shots for your back


Molina healthcare is almost like having nothing, should of stayed with BC/BS of Tx.

will change from Nolina opps Molina even though usual answer is No.


I had Molina Healthcare of Ohio until end of April,2016 that is when the company terminated me, and my children. They said that we didn't meet the tax credit.

Because my income is below the guide line of $80.000 year, which I make under $ 20.000 year. Now Molina said that I will haft to start paying a monthly fee of $800 if I want to keep the insurance for my family. How can I pay when I can't afford it. I Molina Healthcare is a big rip off, fraud,and joke, and they claiming to be a good insurance company.

All the wont is to take the pore working family money, and then let the family do without insurance coverage. I think this insurance is to help the rick people so that they don't haft to pay for coverage, and Molina wants the pore people to do with out coverage. If I had a job making $ 80.000 a year, why would I get Molina Healthcare coverage when I can get the best insurance from the company that I work for. Molina better rethink about what they are doing to the pore family.

They are the ones that need medical, and let the rich pay for there own. Because they are the ones who is making the big bucks, and have a good job they can afford to pay for the own insurance.


I've been trying to get Orthopedic Shoes from Molina Healthcare of Michigan (the Auburn Hills

Office) since September. It was taking so long, I decided to take notes (below) on who I spoke


What's missing in these are the patience that are needed while having to listen to the

menu choices when phoning their office and the hold times that they put you on.

October 22, 2014:

Wright & Filippis called and said the Molina disapproved my order for shoes because the Script doesn’t say that I have one leg shorter than the other and different size feet. I should be get- ting a letter in the mail within 10 days from Molina stating why they won’t authorized the shoes. Nov.

6, 4:30pm: I called W&F, Lisa said I should have gotten the letter from Molina but I haven’t. Nov. 7, 9:40am: I called Molina, spoke with a guy named Sandro…maybe Sondro. He looked up the denial letter that I should have received.

He told me they need a script with more detailed info about my leg and feet. 11:00am: I called Dr Fortin’s office. Spoke with Jamie, told her they need detailed info about my left leg being two inches shorter than my right, my right foot is 1.5 – 2 sizes smaller than my left and I had Polio, reconstructive surgery, and hammer toes. She’ll get the info ready and fax it over to W&F today.

3:00pm: I called W&F, spoke with Meeka. She received the script from Dr Fortin’s office, it contains the above info. She will send it to Molina right now and let me know in a couple days if she hears from them. Nov.

20, 11:20am: I called W&F, spoke with Lauren. She will try to find out info about the shoes and get back to me. Nov. 21, 10:30am: I called, spoke with Lauren again.

She said she doesn’t know why its taking so long for Molina to get back to them. She calls them but they don’t return her phone calls. She’ll get back to me when she hears from them. Nov.

22: I got this in the mail today (although, it is dated “Nov. 12”). It says “No Action Required”. I don’t know why this was sent to me or what it means: Nov.

24, 11:00am: I called Molina, spoke with Rosha. She said they have not received the script that Meeka from W&F was supposed to have sent to them on Nov. 7. 11:15am: I called W&F, spoke with Tiffany.

She will call Molina and follow up on it and call me back. 4:45pm: I called W&F, spoke with Robin. Told her Tiffany was supposed to call me back. She said Molina needed more info (code info?) so she sent it (the “prior authorization form”) to them.

I told her that Rosha said they never got the script from W&F, Robin said they were lying to me. Nov. 25, around 10:00am: I called Molina, spoke with Carl. He told me that the prior authorization form that W&F was supposedly sent to them won’t help me to get shoes.

He said they need an appeal form from W&F. Told me to call W&F and tell them that. 10:30 or so: Called W&F, spoke with Robin, she explained that I have to appeal it, not W&F. I told her that they should have told me that, she appologized.

10:45 or so: Called Molina, spoke with Jameane. She had me on hold for 10 – 15 minutes while she looked for any info from W&F but said W&F has not sent them anything since October! Said I could ask W&F to call her back. 11:15: Called W&F, spoke with Lisa.

Told her above. I gave her the phone# to Molina and asked her to ask for Jameane. She said she will and will call me back. 3:30pm: Got home from Dr Greene’s appointment and Lisa left a message on my machine saying Molina denied my shoes.

I called W&F and spoke to Carissa, explained my situation, she said they heard back yesterday from Molina saying “my shoes were previously denied” (I know they were denied the first time but did Molina receive and deny the second script with the detailed info that was supposed to have been sent on Nov. 7??). Asked her to have Lisa call me back. 4:30pm: Haven’t heard back from Lisa at W&F so I called Molina, spoke with Jamean.

She said Lisa hadn’t called her. I gave Jamean the phone# to W&F and asked her to call there to tell Lisa that Molina has not received any info from W&F since October. She will call there and call me back. Nov.

26, 10:00am: I called Molina. Got Jameane’s answering machine. Left message asking her to call me. 2:15pm: Just got home, there’s no message from Jameane on my machine.

I called W&F, spoke with Lisa. She said she spoke with Jameane yesterday and that Lisa didn’t call me back yesterday because Jameane said that she would call me back but neither of them called me back. Lisa said she has a letter stating that Molina denied the shoes for a second time. I told her that I would like to see something or hear from someone stating that Molina received the detailed info that my doctor wrote detailing why I need the shoes (left leg being 2” shorter than my right foot 1.5 – 2 sizes smaller than my left).

Lisa will look for something and call me back. Around 2:50pm: I called Molina. Couldn’t talk to Jameane. Spoke with LaTonya EXT.

155587. She said she found out that W&F DID send the detailed info to them on Nov. 7 but once a case is denied it has to be appealed. Tonya sent info about my case to her Manager.

I’m to call LaTonya Monday around 3:00pm to find out what she found out about my case. 1-88*-***-**** Dec. 1, 3:00pm: I called Latonya Ext. 155587.

Left message on her answering machine to call me. 3:30pm: I called again, spoke with Shareise. She got ahold of LaTonya and said LaTonya got my earlier message and will call me back, “she’s on the phone right now”. Dec.

2, 10:20am: LaTonya never called me back yesterday. Called Molina, spoke with Daryl. He said LaTonya (Taylor) is in and that he’ll transfer me to her. He trans- ferred me but it was to her answering machine again.

I left a message to call me again. 10:50am: LaTonya called, said they need more info from my doctor. I gave her Dr Fortin’s Phone#, she said she’ll call me back today. 11:15am: LaTonya called.

Said she spoke with Jamie at Dr Fortin’s office. Apparently, Molina was missing some info and Jamie is going to take care of it. 12/9/14, 11:30am: Called Molina. Spoke with Asiajona.

She said my health care provider sent the additional info to Molina a few days ago and Molina’s decision could take up to 14 days. Also said something about my provider is appealing the denial. 12/12/14, 10:15am: I called, spoke with Toni. She said it’s being appealed by my doctor?

I asked to speak with someone higher up than her, she said her supervisor is in a meeting and Toni will email her asking her to call me back. They are open until 5:00pm. I told Toni that I’m leaving in an hour or sooner. Nobody called me back.

12/17/14: I got this letter in the mail today: 2:40pm: I called Molina, spoke with Kiesha. Told her about the letter that I received in the mail today from Molina stating that the shoes were approved on October 22. She put me on hold for 5 minutes while she was look- ing into it and then they disconnected me. 2:50pm: Kiesha called me back.

Told me the same *** about my denial for the shoes being currently appealed. Told her again about today’s letter saying I was approved and told her I want to speak to someone higher up. She got a supervisor on the phone (had me on hold for 20 minutes while she tried to find a super.!!). Finally, was connected to Torriaun.

Explained everything to him. He will try to find out something and promised to call me back today. 5:00pm: Torriaun called, said the letter that I received today was an error but they will make an exception and author- ize my shoes because they made the error. He will phone me back again tomorrow with more details.

12/18/14, 3:45pm: I called W&F, spoke with Amanda, told her everything. She connected me to Amber, told me they haven’t gotten anything from Molina. Wants Molina to fax the authorization to them. W&F Fax: 248-853-**** 3:50pm: Called Molina.

Got a recording saying (twice) “this is Daryl, how may I help you today” and then a recording saying “…you can call us back…”. 3:55pm: Called Molina again, spoke with Monica. She read my record but there’s only notes from Kiesha from yester- day. Nothing from Torriaun.

I told her Torriaun was supposed to have called me today. She put me on hold while she tried to locate him. 4:11pm—They disconnected me again!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! 4:11pm: Called Molina, spoke with Charice.

She said Torriaun is on a break right now and should be off his break soon. Again, nobody called me back today.


I guess because I have to have their insurance, I'm not worth proper care. Fighting for over 6 months, and can't get what my specialist is asking for.

I was told if my problem is not taken care of soon, I may lose the use of my legs. Neglegince to say the least.

Taking care of my problem would be far less expensive than pain and suffering alone will cost. Done dealing with this, time to lawyer up apparently.


Same experience with them in Washington. About ready to go to the media and a lawyer !!

Will be changing my disabled daughter to another plan.

I serve Medicaid clients as well and have my clients share their same experiences with me. This is just not right!


This is a Molina Healthcare representative. We are sorry to hear you are not satisfied with your experience.

We want to offer the best health care and customer service possible. Please email MemberServices@***.com and we will do our best to assist you.


And the best Molina can do for an answer is this pathetic computer generated generic pile of ***.

Same pile of *** you get when you are finally able to talk to a Molina representative.

Molina Healthcare is a wreck, a fraud, and patients are going to lose their lives because of these posers.

Time for the Federal AGs to get involved. Enough of this scam.


Same problem here. My back is severely injured.

Two fractured vertebrae, and one is resting on top of the other. Both problems day I'm between 50-75% screwed. Won't approve a thing, keep starting and stopping treatment and coverage. Specialist says, I am at risk of losing the use of my legs.

And still no progress with Molina. More than 6 months fighting with them now. Time for me to lawyer up, I guess.

Pain and suffering alone is more than they would have paid out for my procedures. This is neglegince, no question about it.


This is a Molina Healthcare representative. We are sorry to hear you are not satisfied with your experience.

We want to offer the best health care and customer service possible. Please email MemberServices@***.com and we will do our best to assist you.


Stop with your *** generated responses. Says everything about your fraudulent business.

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