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This is my first year with Molina and my last. My Insurance went into effect on Jan1, 2018.

I wanted to get on line but was unable to as they did not recognize my member #. So I called them and the recording said they did not recognize my number but connected me to an operator. Who told me that I was a member but something was wrong as they didn't show the member # in the system. I was transferred to tech support and was given a case number and told they would call me back in 3 days.

They did not call back. I called again and got a different tech who told me that the problem was being worked on and that the original tech would follow up. He didn't. Good news is that after 7 month's of me calling them they final got me into the system and I can get on line.

I injured my shoulder and called about getting a doctor in their system who could look at it.

I was given a name and made an appointment. The doctor wanted an MRI and said he uses Treasure Valley Hospital. I called Molina to see if the hospital was in their group and was told it was and to make the appointment. I did and the result was a rotator cuff tear needing surgery.

Called my doctor and asked them to make an appointment for the surgery. The doctor does all of his surgeries at Treasure Valley Hospital where I had taken the MRI. Made the appointment for August 9, 2018. Notified Molina on Aug 2, 2018 of the appointment.

Found out they needed authorization for it. Have been waiting for authorization that has not come since Aug 2, 2018. Apparently a hospital can be under their group for one thing (MRI) and not under it for another (Surgery). So a 14 day review is needed for authorization.

I was able to get the surgery scheduled because there was a cancellation in my doctors schedule. So now we have missed that date and had to cancel because my paperwork is sitting on someones desk until the 14 days are up. Don't know when we will be able to schedule it if and when they get around to authorization. I call ever day to inquire about the authorization and they tell me it is proceeding through the system.

I think they are determined to get the full 2 weeks sitting on someones desk.

Which leads me to some questions. First how could I be so stupid to trust my health care needs with someone that doesn't care? How do they authorize a hospital for MRI but not surgery. Why do they have a surgeon in group that does all his surgeries at one place but that place isn't in group?

Sorry I can't get out of this group until next year. Save yourself some grief and never get in.

Product or Service Mentioned: Molina Healthcare Health Insurance.

Reason of review: Poor customer service.

I didn't like: Customer service.

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I had the same issues with the member #. Turns out the number on my invoices was not my number it was the old Medicaid number.

Took them months to get my numbers right in the system, then when they did I had no idea so when I called and gave them my Medicaid # they said I was not in their system. Took two days and 4 people to figure out they changed my number in the system.

Couldn't even find me by my name! This company is insane.

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