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Probably a great organization for illegals and young people. If your over the age of 50 and taking any meds beyond aspirin to sign up here.

Two years ago before I was on Molina I was prescribed a specialty med. When I tried to get it refilled using the Molina prescription plan they told me it had to be pre-approved. I didn't understand the logic since I'd been on the med for two years and my condition responded quite well to it but okay. I twisted my doctors arm to try to push thru the pre-approval.

They Denied the medication stating it was a higher dose than they recommended (more expensive). Like an insurance company that doesn't know me from Adam should be telling me what medicine I should take and at what dosage. They forced my doctor to put me on meds that I am allergic to or don't work. It's been 6 months and still can't walk without a cain, (when on my normal med I cycle competitively).

Absolute *** that don't give a *** about patients.

They take your money and tell you to go to ***. DO NOT USE THEM !!!!

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Houston, Texas, United States #1300562

My son has a serious mental health condition. It has taken us four years to get him on the right medication that he has become functional and compliant to take.

His mental health had been cared for by our local MHMRA but due to his enrollment in marketplace insurance this year he can no longer receive medication through MHMRA and has been deferred to his Molina Healthcare. However, 1. Walgreens that we previously used does not accept Molina and the RX had to be transferred to CVS 2. CVS would not fill without prior authorization from MD because medication was not on their preferred drug list (one week passed still no medication) 3.

now that the medication is preauthorized by doctor Molina will not fill because the dosing is two tablets a day and they prefer one tablet a day (this is middle of week two and still no medication). My sons condition will deteriorate without the treatment he desperately needs and we have painfully struggled to get for him for many years. His deterioration jeopardizes his safety and the people around him. I can not express how difficult it is to get treatment for persons with mental health conditions or how terrifying it is as a parent to see there minds lost in delirium.

Today after four years he is functional and working a part time job. His mind is under a state of compliant normalcy though he has difficulty with comprehending difficult or complex tasks. This task of pushing him away from the care that he has been strongly encouraged to comply is inhumane.

When he deteriorates he will be locked in a jail cell, in a mental hospital, or possibly be physically harmed or have caused physical harm. When he deteriorates it will not be his fault, it will not be his families fault, it will be the fault of Molina Healthcare and all this bureaucratic recklessness.

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to MolinaHealthcare #1302587

Did ypu contact thus woman or are you just blowing g smoke up our collective ***.

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