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I have recently been diagnosed with Cancer. Yes the BIG C.

so here's my story.. On Jan12th I went to see my doctor she was concerned and asked I go for an xray, I came back only to be told I needed a CT scan. I listened outside the Doctor asking Molina to get me in urgently for a CT scan they said I would have to wait 72hrs to have the authorization. Jan13th, taken to ER after waiting 8 hours on a drip over the Martin Luther Weekend due to excessive traumer accidents, i went for my CT scan.

The Doctor came in and said he needed a second opinion and called a oncologist over. He said I had a form of cancer and needed to be admitted immediately. YES IMMEDIATELY. Gobsmacked and shocked I went .

I was taken into a room and made comfortable. Due to the weekend rush of traumas that occurred, I was put back each day on NPO for 4 days to have a biopsy. Yes I was having a great time sipping champagne (NOT). I had my biopsy and was sent home like a pin cushion.

I had a NURSE visit from Molina to ask how I was doing out of hospital and did I need anything, this was a new program, she mentioned that this was a very stressful time for myself and my family, and I should NOT get worried as everything was in hand and she was here to look after us. Had I made a living will, burial, trusts etc. WOW what an amazing company !!!!!!!!!!! The the NEXT DAY I get a DENIED letter from MOLINA, they are not prepared to pay for the services given to me.

I was not that ill and did not ask them first.......It was a F****ing RUSH to get me in the Caner Unit.Oh wait I should have thought first I am going to have Cancer in 72 hour and be given a sell by date. I better ring that MONEY GRABBING MOLINA FIRST I pay 700 per month and have a 3500 deductable.... WTF. .

Its a joke. But that's not all it gets worse. In the last 3 years I have spent close to $36,000 and never had more than a visit to see a doc for a runny nose. They take my money quite happily when its in their interest.

Yes I was diagnosed after the biopsy with Unmutated Ig VH Genesh a More Aggressive Form of Chronic Lymphocytic Leukemia.

I was given 7 years- how serious does it have to be, and why send someone round to support me if it was not serious to them. I may not even see my kids graduate.I may not even be able to pay for their graduation at this rate.

Product or Service Mentioned: Molina Healthcare Medical Claim.

Reason of review: Poor customer service.

Preferred solution: Let the company propose a solution.

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I had the same canned "apology" from these pos regarding their wrongful termination of me and my wifes coverage. They recently were exposed for a gaping hole in their online security which allowed access to all of their patients records. I would lawyer up for said breach which is a clear violation of HIPPA.

Long Beach, California, United States #1303089
Molina Healthcare Verified Representative

We are sorry to hear you are not satisfied with your experience with Molina Healthcare. Molina Healthcare strives to provide the best care and service possible. So that we may more fully address your issue while protecting your privacy, please email your concern, name, state in which you reside and phone number to and we will do our best to assist you.


Friend and fellow sufferer of molina Healthcare I hope things will change for you and you get care. God bless you and you'll be in my prayers.

To Molina death care remove your heads from your *** and provide proper care for the American public you are suppose to be caring for.

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