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Update by user Jul 15, 2017

Molina Healthcare should be investigated by the California State- who ever is in charge of regulating Heathcare insurances should look into all these complaints! Their grievance complaint dept.

is also a joke- what are they trying nvestigating what are they doing about my case! They assigned me a coordinator to handle my complaint- I spoke to her once, nothing had been fixed on my account. What's new nothing has been done on my account since I started paying my premiums, January 2017! I have not missed one payment to date.

Just to come to find out that some of my members in my family plan were never activated- now their saying that their hands are tied until 30 days of some form they scalated for someone to review my case, in the mean time these heartless people recommended that in the case the my kids gets sick to take them to their in- network doctors, not the cheapest but their Molina Drs and to turn in all my receipts after my 30 days review so I can get a refund!!!! Are you Kidding me!!! I'm a single mother of 4! And paying for an imaginary insurance!

Do u think I have the cash to be spending each time my kids get sick?! That's why I'm paying Molina but u can't provide me the services I'm paying for! It's a false sense of security for my family I'm thinking I'm doing the right thing, being responsible and having insurance for my family in case they sick- and when they do go with their insurance cards that Molina issued themselves to find out that they are not active- Molina why can't I just give me my full refund of all my premiums so I can use that to take my 4 year old son that has not been able to be seen since the beginning of this year! Is someone out there going to do something about this insurance, they are worst then thiefs!

Take ur money And then make everything so difficult to get services! It makes me sick to my stomach to hear ur their false advertising on the radio- " we treat you like family" " we are compassionate" REALLY I disagree with both, if u had compassion u would not let another day go by without insurance for my 4 year old son. Is been 7 months Molina!

Shame on you! I hope it doesn't take a parent to lose their child in order for someone to do something about regulating and investigating this company!

Original review posted by user Jul 06, 2017

Wow- I have never been treated by anyone the way I was talked to and treated by a Molina "Lead/Supervisor"-Sammy S. from New Mexico on 7/6/2017.

I started this "process" about 2 months ago when I took my 4 year old son to Urgent Care with 104 Fever, when the lady processed the paperwork for my 8 year old it went through fine and he was eligible and was seen, when she ran it for my 4 year old she said "I'm sorry but he is not eligible", it was after hours so of course Molina Member Services was closed. I took my son home, got his fever down for that night, the next morning I called Molina Member Services and they said that I was eligible in their system and are not sure why they (urgent care) are saying that- they didnt see anything wrong with my account. Since they reverified again over the phone that my account was ok, I made a follow up Dr appt with for my son, 2 Days after I took him to his primary Dr, they ran the insurance and they came up with the NOT ACTIVE screen, I called Molina from the office and their phones and system were down, they couldn't do anything for me, since they couldn't get access to their own system. The next day I called again and ask what is going on with my account - I pleaded with them to have my son right away- fell on deaf ears, they could not figure it out themselves ???

I have been paying my premiums on time-why can't I use the services I'm paying for??? I talked to about 8 different reps that did not do anything for me other then point fingers at differents entities (is Covered California's issue) no is (Medical issue) nobody helped and nobody wanted to take the time to look into this- I felt alone in this, not knowing their medical lingo it was very frustrating! This was so heartbreaking to me to see how a Multi-Million Dollar Insurance company can take your premiums but not help you get services your family deserves! They didn't care or have the compassion for my 4 year old sick son!

Today I wanted to say that it took 1 lady out of so many reps so many hours on the phone to get this squared away- she took an hour to look into EVERY aspect of my account and she found the issue- she then actually transferred me to Ca Medi-cal Services - explained the situation and got it taken care of. It was an issue that if someone at Molina cared as this only rep did, my son would of been seen and I would not be typing this complaint. I don't want another parent to go through this painful process- and hopefully someone at Molina that really cares takes action on how you train your reps, they should be more humane and compassionate to consumers. They should be competent enough to be able to figure out your own system and how to better help members.

I actually called Covered California to be removed from Molina due to this issue, I was told I couldn't until open enrollment. Which I will make sure I switch to an insurance company that will treat me with compassion, respect and dignity. Something their own supervisor could't do, when I ask to speak to someone else she flat out said no! proceeded to talk over me, very rude and heartless!

I'm sure she didn't have children because if she did she would know how desperate I was as a mom to get my son seen again today, I even had my Dr on 3-way to get a verbal authorization and they couldn't even do that. This lady left me crying out of frustration on how a supervisor was so cold and not even willing to help. I did hung up on her, no reason to have her on the phone since she basically told me she couldn't help that it was not their issue, without taking the time to listen to me or even view my account, but yet another of her reps was able to fully assist me. I'm filing a state complaint along with a letter from my Doctor as they heard everything.

My Dr called me back to see how I was doing and to express the disgust in how that women treated me.

No reason to humiliate anyone, we should all be treated with dignity- specially a paying consumer. I was not asking for a freebee!!!

Review about: Molina Healthcare Health Insurance.

Reason of review: Poor customer service.

Monetary Loss: $678.

Preferred solution: I should be entitled to the portion of the premium for Both of my kids that I could not use the services for.

I liked: Doctors.

I didn't like: Customer service, Refund policy for services not rendered, Website- often down, Reps not qualified- educated within molinas procedures, Felt like they did not care about the member.

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Ann Arbor, Michigan, United States #1353999

I work in a big hospital. We care for all patients.

I have one in particular that has me really upset. Prior to coming to the hospital, this patient was walking, with a walker, and independent. She had a seizure, went into status, and had to be intubated and sedated. Once off the vent she was moved to a neurology floor.

Molina refused her LTAC, for trach weaning, IV med needs and therapy. Said she was only custodial care. As she progressed we tried for SAR/SNF. Still declined.

This woman is up in a chair on a nasal cannula, and they are still saying she is custodial care. Multiple declines, despite her progress, peer-to-peers and appeals. We are now going to the state level.

The patient is becoming depressed because she cannot safely leave the hospital to go home and Molina has declined her any other type of placement, which she clearly could benefit from. I am not a happy case manager at this point in time.

Wilmington, Delaware, United States #1350772

Your complaint is much too long and contains too much emotional vent.

I know how it feels to be a distressed parent with sick / injured children, It's awful.

You would trade places with them in a heartbeat. You're an excellent parent.

But for the benefit of those of us attempting to understand the problem at hand, it would be better to use a more clearly defined format.

Example : (1) My child had 104 (2) We called 911 or drove directly to ER (3) Waited 45 minutes (4) Child (was or was not) diagnosed, treated, etc.

I hope your little gift from God is better and stays that way.

to Anonymous #1378952

Are you the monitor for this site?, if this is how this parent is expressing her concerns in regards to her situation I think she has the right to put her complaint however she chooses. That's why these forums are created not to get told on how to put in your complaint properly and to someone else's specifications.

I don't think that was a necessary comment.

For the mother- my heart and prayers go out to you. It's horrible how some companies take advantage of those that are trying to do things the right way.

Long Beach, California, United States #1350111
Molina Healthcare Verified Representative

We are truly sorry to hear you are not happy with your experience with Molina Healthcare and we want to do everything we can to help you. In order to expedite your service, please e-mail your concern, name, state in which you live and phone number to and we will contact you as soon as possible.

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